… It’s funny how much has changed from half a year ago… The counselor said my math scores on the accuplacer were amazing, which actually shocked me a bit. She said she hopes I do something in math in the future, and I said I wanted to be a doctor and she said good. I feel like Allah has truly lent me a hand. I registered for 5 classes Precalc + Trig + English + Political Science + Sociology. 15 credits total. If I get another 15 credits next semester, the counselor said I could transfer to UMD after just one year…”  - 17 year old student, Bethesda, Maryland

I would not be sitting here [at college graduation] if it was not for [EmpowerOne]…”  - 22 year old student, College Park, Maryland

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time in my life where I didn’t know where I was headed. Uncertainty plagued every move I made, and I was going nowhere but down. It was the EmpowerOne program and the help of an amazing mentor that not only guided me back up to where I was, but to further heights than I had ever imagined before. EmpowerOne is no misnomer, while true empowerment happens only by the will of Allah, we can always use a guiding hand to get there.”  - 17 year old student, Fairfax, VA

… I am proud of myself, I actually don’t feel useless now…”  -13 year old student, Howard County, Maryland

Sanna really enjoyed herself … I asked her if she would have gone without a friend that she already knew, and she said she would. That is definitely a compliment from her”  - Mother of 12 year old, Howard County, Maryland