EmpowerOne Excellence


EmpowerOne Excellence is a home school supervisor services for parents who wish to home school their students and wish for ILIA to supervise their home schooling instead of their local school district as governed by Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.10.01. These regulations set forth the home schooling parameters that must be followed by parents/guardians who desire to teach a child at home.  The regulations also establish a procedure for the local superintendent of schools or the head of a certified nonpublic school or religious institution supervising the home schooling to determine if a child participating in a home schooling program is receiving regular, thorough instruction during the school year in the studies usually taught in the public schools to children of the same age.

In this case ILIA acts as the supervisor through its EmpowerOne Excellence home schooling supervision program.

EmpowerOne Excellence Coordination with Local School Superintendent

EmpowerOne Excellence will annually verify with the local superintendent of schools the identification of home schooled children whose instruction is continuing under its supervision, the identification of newly added home schooled children under its supervision, and the identification of home schooled students whose instruction is no longer under its supervision.

EmpowerOne Excellence will also notify the local superintendent of schools if a change occurs during the school year in the status of a home schooled student whose instruction is under its supervision.


EmpowerOne Excellence is currently offered for grades 1 – 12 for both genders. Additional leadership development and educational programs are available for students grades 4 and above, and boys in middle and high school can also leverage other offerings at ILIA. For more information please email empowerone@islamicleadership.org and mention EmpowerOne Excellence in the subject line.


EmpowerOne Excellence will meet with the parents as follows


EmpowerOne Excellence is offered at ILIA’s 4903 Liberty Heights location. Shuttle services are available for students who wish to attend from remote locations for an extra fee.

Important Dates

Enrollment for the academic year is on a rolling basis throughout the year. Students need to complete a registration form. Interested families should contact empowerone@islamicleadership.org for further details. Registration fees are listed in the registration link and is non-refundable.

The EmpowerOne Excellence Difference