Our youth hold very unique traits and capabilities, unfortunately in many cases these strengths go unnoticed or poorly nurtured. Working with a well trained coach allows the teenager to discover their strengths and weaknesses to leverage opportunities and mitigate challenges. Our student would typically enroll in EmpowerOne to attain certain goals within specific time frames. Examples are:
  • Join a high performing sports team
  • Achieve a scholarship at a top institution
  • Break social or economic barriers
  • Unleash motivation and energy to succeed in a business venture
  • Attain top rankings in an academic or subject matter competition
  • Stop a negative behavior

Ready to Start Coaching?

You can get started today, choose the level of coaching of interest and don’t delay, get a jump start today. Choose one of two options below to best suit your goals and objectives.

Teen Performance Coach - Islamic

 EmpowerOne Wazir – Weekly

 EmpowerOne Amir – Daily

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