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17-year old EmpowerOne from Virginia

"It’s hard to believe that there was once a time in my life where I did not know where I was headed. Uncertainty plagued every move I made, and I was going nowhere but down. It was the EmpowerOne program and the help of an amazing mentor that not only guided me back up to where I was, but to further heights than I had ever imagined before. EmpowerOne is no misnomer, while true empowerment happens only by the will of Allah, we can always use a guiding hand to get there."

Through EmpowerOne this young Muslim was able to boost his academic strategy, graduate as top of his class and receive a full scholarship at one of the world's top Universities.

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17-year old EmpowerOne from Pennsylvania

"... It’s funny how much has changed from half a year ago… The counselor said my math scores on the Accuplacer were amazing, which actually shocked me a bit. She said she hopes I do something in math in the future, and I said I wanted to be a doctor and she said good. I feel like Allah has truly lent me a hand. I registered for 5 classes Precalc + Trig + English + Political Science + Sociology. 15 credits total. If I get another 15 credits next semester, the counselor said I could transfer to University of Maryland after just one year."

Through EmpowerOne this young Muslim was able to transform his life from an average student with a slew of teen problems into a successful computer science major at a top public University in the USA.

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22 year old EmpowerOne participant, Maryland

"I would not be sitting here [at college graduation] if it was not for [EmpowerOne]"

Through EmpowerOne this Musim college student was able to empower his career through sound professional mentorship in engineering and business, benifiting from opportunities of leadership development and guidance in achieving academic and career goals, graduating with dual majors in engineering and business a top public University in the USA.

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17 year old EmpowerOne participant, Maryland

"Honesty it has helped me so much with life"

Through EmpowerOne this young Muslim was able to focus his deen, he was coached in entrepreunership, purpose, mission and a set of leadership qualities that helped him maintain his deen and transform some youth challenges into productive college goals, receiving a full scholarship at his college and major of choice.

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35 year old pediatric physician, Egypt

"EmpowerOne allowed me to get a jumpstart on my transition to the USA, I was coached online and upon arrival to the USA they had a job lined up for me and made it very easy for me to get started onto my professional life in America, saving me thousands of dollars and many months of hard frustrating work".

Through EmpowerOne this Muslim medical professional was able to get a jump start on a career change. He was coached in planning, alignment, strategy and goal attainment. Over the period of two months of online coaching he was able to develop a clear vison and roadmap for his professional life in America. He was met at the airport with an EmpowerOne coach and settled into his new apartment within 24 hrs and off to a job in the medical field in less than a week. His family joined him a couple of months later.

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