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EmpowerOne has the current following openings. We offer competitive working environment and compensation.

join-teacher buttonMiddle / High School Teachers

Openings for both part-time and full-time teachers in the subjects of science, math, English, social studies, art, leadership, Islamic studies, physical activity and world languages. Qualifications: Master’s degree in education, as well as a certificate in special education, educational therapy, or similar background. Teaching credentials are mandatory. Experience with students with learning differences is a plus. Our ideal candidate is an outgoing, well-organized individual who is eager to work in a highly dynamic, energetic school setting who values experiential learning Subject matter knowledge in area of expertise must be solid; candidate must be prepared to teach, counsel and tutor material at a middle and/or high school level immediately. EmpowerOne Academy caters to boys grades 6-12, we offer an integrated experiential learning approach for overactive, curious minds. We have a small student to teacher ratio, offer a competitive compensation. Teacher must be comfortable working in a diverse cultural environment and be able to have the knowledge of curriculum and student development; ability to communicate effectively using written and oral communication skills; knowledge of current research; basic knowledge of technology; planning and organizational skills; ability to manage the classroom and supervise students; skill in analyzing, diagnosing and evaluating student progress and programs; knowledge of varied learning styles; ability to use effective, positive interpersonal skills. Commitment to a core set of beliefs about teaching, learning, and ongoing professional development. Teacher is expected to provide an appropriate educational atmosphere which encourages positive student learning and to participate in a dynamic setting with other classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists and other staff members in the development and implementation of the school’s programs and goals. School is located in Gwyn Oak, MD and most classes are conducted off-site in an integrated hands-on approach. Hours are flexible. Interested candidate are required to complete an online application here and email their resumes to

join-coach buttonCoaches / Mentors / Counselors

Qualifications: Master’s degree in related field. Experience working with youth ages 13+ and adults. Ability to connect on a personal level with student and assist in achieving goals and improving performance. Coaches from both genders are welcome to apply. Coaches will typically be of the same gender as the student and will coach the student in one or more of the following tracks: academic, spiritual, career, integrated performance. Coaches will be versatile, experienced, possess excellent empathy, communication skills, leadership styles and able to captivate ideas into the minds of students to place them in the driver seat to set their own goals and execute under the advice of the coach.


Join Our Team Buttons - principalSchool Principal – EmpowerOne Academy

The job entails, but is not limited to the following responsibilities, duties, and tasks: Communicate and follow through with the vision and mission of the school. Sensitive to the needs of the families and students with special needs. Communicate clearly, both in oral and written form with parents, staff, students, and other stakeholders. Accepting and cooperative with diverse families and students. Analyses and collects data to help the school to improve and succeed. Makes data driven decisions that affect the school and students. Cover for teachers when they are out. Makes decisions on disciplinary actions for students. Qualifications: Master’s degree is required (Doctorate degree is preferred). Minimum of 3 years of successful school leadership. Outstanding references from supervisors along with superior ratings and recommendations. Bilingual (Arabic/English) candidates are encouraged to apply.

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