Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of those cases where the brain behaves in a different mode than the majority of people. This variation from the norm is perceived by most people as an excuse kids use in order to misbehave. Those children are labeled by society as exhibiting a deviation from the normal teen, causing them to feel powerless. In the Muslim community, the problem is further compounded mainly due to:
  • parents lack of knowledge of ADHD
  • lack of training for both teen and parent
  • parents not convinced that its actually a real issue
  • parents convinced that its an issue but not realizing that some level of intervention is needed

Our community makes them feel different and does not easily accept them, which pressures them into trying to be the same as everyone else. Nevertheless, why should we force them to be someone they are not? Does that not defeat the purpose of being sincere, original and unique?

Those who have ADHD, particularly young children, may appear defiant, socially inept, and forceful. They act without thinking, and sometimes have trouble staying still. Because of this, they are seen as a hindrance to the society. People want to shape and mold them into being someone else. The modern world wants everyone to function the same in our mechanical society. Once someone deviates from their expected function, he is seen as a threat to the “machine,” and is pressured into functioning the same as everyone else. Therefore, people lose some positive qualities of their character and become lost within the crowd and with themselves.

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